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We believe in teaching children about the love of God through our interaction with them, and that the best lesson taught is to lead by example.  In addition to a variety of activities we’ll share together, we will enjoy the privilege of prayer, Bible stories, and singing praise songs.  It is our desire to enrich their lives by teaching basic manners of courtesy and respect, to have fun with a good attitude, while nurturing their souls through the power of love and encouragement.    


Hours of Operation:  Monday – Friday 6:30am to 7:00pm  •  Saturdays  8:00am – 6:00pm


Rates:  (Transportation to and from School included)

Before & After School                              School Breaks                                                   Drop-Ins                            

Age 5  = $80/week                                       $90/week                                             $18 day or $4/hr. 

 Age 6–12 = $70/week                                $90/week                                             $18 day or $4/hr.



Ages 5 – 12 = $30/day or $7/hr


*Summer / Full Time

Ages 5 – 12 = $360/month, $90/week, $18/day, $4.00/hr.



*10% Discount given for the oldest child if two or more children from the same family are enrolled full-time five days a week.

*5% Discount for paying 1 month in advance (full time enrollment).

* Week is defined as Monday – Friday, Saturday is an additional cost.

*No registration fee required.


ICCP (Idaho Child Care Program) accepted. 


Schools we provide transportation to:

Amity, Maple Grove, Lake Hazel, Desert Sage, Silver Sage 



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